What You Need To Know When Considering a Fixed vs. Variable Mortgage

real_estate_luxury_house_6_espresso_latte_mp_660_321One of the most common questions I hear as a Broker is “Should I choose a Fixed Rate Mortgage or Variable Rate Mortgage?” – while there is no one standard answer there are several factors that can help determine which one is right for you. First, it is important to understand there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing either. Variable mortgages have historically resulted in homeowners paying lower rates but because they are tied directly to the Bank of Canada rate (which is announced and potentially changed 8 times a year), they are vulnerable to fluctuations which can drive rates down and save you money or drive rates ups and affect how much of your payments are going towards your principal amount owing. Fixed rates may be higher than variable rates but they are consistent for the term of the mortgage – they are not subject to fluctuations caused by changing interest rates. Fixed rates are normally recommended for first time home buyers so they can more easily manage their household budgets and mortgage payments without worry. Before deciding which option is better for you ask yourself a few important questions and always talk to a mortgage professional to evaluate your unique situation and mortgage needs before making a commitment.